17 Marzo 2022
59 / 5.000 Risultati della traduzione BIM and Digital Twin: from the Construction Site to Asset Management.
➡️ On Thursday 17 March 2022 the GM of BimO Open Innovation Franco Rebecchi spoke with a talks within the ASSOBIM ThinkBIMs on the theme: "BIM and Digital Twin: from Constructi...
Interview by the GM of bimO open innovation Franco Rebecchi on RadioNew24 Talk On Air
Interview by the GM of bimO open innovation Franco Rebecchi on RadioNew24 Talk On Air on the subject of the Digitization of Buildings through the Digital Twin.
bimO open innovation participated yesterday in the Climate Marathon promoted by the Value Chain G2B and DI4R of the Clust-ER Build Building and Construction of the Emilia-Romagna Region
📌bimO open innovation yesterday participated in the Climate Marathon promoted by the Value Chain G2B and DI4R of the Clust-ER Build Building and Construction of the Emilia-Romagna Re...
BIM applied to SUPERBONUS 110%
📌Last November 16th the GM of bimO open innovation Franco Rebecchi intervened with the module "BIM applied to SUPERBONUS 110%" to the training course "How to manage the Superbonus 11...

About us

bimO open innovation
is an innovative start-up in the industry of architecture, engineering and construction that transforms the disruptive effect of the digital innovation of BIM (Building Information Modelling) into a competitive advantage for customers


bimO open innovation
offers consulting and BIM design services, and develops open innovation projects to successfully deal with sector digitisation

Our target

bimO open innovation
is aimed at all operators in the construction chain: professional firms, real estate companies, public entities, general contractors and manufacturers of components and equipment


bimO open innovation
is an innovative start-up

enrolled in the register of innovative companies to provide high-tech services - based on BIM design - to the field of architecture, engineering and the construction industry. The company was created by a team of professionals that have been working for over fifteen years, always committed to developing the enormous possibilities offered by new digital technologies in the construction industry.

A point of arrival, strong in consolidated professionalism

also internationally, in architectural and engineering design of public and private buildings of different types and complexity, as well as in the development of economic management models, systems and technology.

bimO open innovation
is a partner and consultant, a hub that offers operators involved in the construction industry all the necessary advice for managing BIM projects, and for the adoption and implementation of BIM methodology within the organisation.

bimO open innovation
is a knowledge broker

for professional offices, public administrations and businesses of all sizes; it provides the right approach and mentality, and allows access to an ecosystem and an optimal network to develop the skills, abilities and knowledge needed to exploit the opportunities of BIM innovation.


Founder & General Manager

Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Partner & Chief Project Officer

bimO open innovation
presents itself not only as a facilitator for all industry operators to enter as confidently and effectively as possible in the future of construction digitisation, but also as partners for developing open innovation projects oriented at BIM, sharing and circulating their know-how and developing a network of partnerships with the most advanced operators in the supply chain.

bimO open innovation
helps customers improve processes, products and services in the new digital environment of BIM, creating internal economies and new market opportunities.
bimO open innovation
services are divided into three categories:
  • bimO counselling
    Consulenza, training and implementation of BIM processes
  • Consulting and elaborating BIM processes within the company
  • Training internal figures to the BIM process
  • Assistance to contracting authorities in managing contracts in BIM

  • bimO facility management
    Creating the information model of the building and assistance in managing the FM
  • Facility management assistance
  • Creating the full information model of all component data
  • bimO BIM management
    Management del modello condiviso BIM del progetto
  • Creating the BIM Method Statement
  • Reliefs in clouds of points and importing and creating BIM models actually existing
  • Creating Architectural Grid
  • Create all necessary BIM models (architectural, structural, electrical plant, thermo mechanical, water, safety)
  • Check Model
  • Clash Detection
  • Control, management and management of IFC models
  • BIM Project Control
  • Extraction of the drawings, executive and constructive and every detail
  • Computation and preparation of documents for calls for tenders from the BIM model
  • Processing a Gantt of construction stages
  • Management of design and economic variants
  • Assistance to the work director on the construction site with BIM support
  • Creating the BIM model as-built
Our target

bimO open innovation is aimed at the vast panorama of all those actors who need to address the BIM world at any level: from the technical departments who are starting to manage new contracts in BIM, to the architectural/engineering firms participating in BIM bids, to the construction companies that need to upgrade their organisational models and train new professionals, even up to manufacturers who need to shape their own components.

bimO open innovation offers itself as a partner and consultant to access the BIM digital innovation, accompanying customers and guiding them in the innovation of BIM processes without disrupting their operational mode.

Professional engineering and architecture studios

The engineering companies and professional firms can take advantage of a customised advisory service to draw up specific projects and update project progress, entering the BIM revolution.

Real estate companies

Real estate investment funds and real estate companies of any kind are provided with access to create processes of operation and maintenance of the BIM in real estate, resulting in greater control and better economic investment planning.

Public entities

GPublic entities, municipal and contracting technical offices are provided with access to draft public tenders according to BIM standards, manage bids, verify and validate the models conforming to the code regulations and provisions of public procurement.

General contractor

General contractors and construction companies can take advantage of advisory services to prepare individual projects, implement the internal processes of design, quantify the costs from the models and participate in public tenders that require specific planning in BIM, resulting in significant competitive advantages.

Manufacturers of components, equipment and systems based on the construction and furnishing chain

The manufacturers of components and industrial systems can take advantage of consultancy to create BIM libraries of their products, to enter the supply chain of construction digitisation getting more visibility and new market opportunities.
Case study

bimO open innovation offers its customers the experience in BIM design achieved by its team in all project phases, from concept to final design up to planning the works and the property asset management, generating value and certainty in a quickly evolving scenario.

bimO open innovation has a multidisciplinary team and a network of professionals able to work flexibly in very different contexts, with different levels of operational difficulties.

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News archive

17 Marzo 2022
59 / 5.000 Risultati della traduzione BIM and Digital Twin: from the Construction Site to Asset Management.
Interview by the GM of bimO open innovation Franco Rebecchi on RadioNew24 Talk On Air
bimO open innovation participated yesterday in the Climate Marathon promoted by the Value Chain G2B and DI4R of the Clust-ER Build Building and Construction of the Emilia-Romagna Region
BIM applied to SUPERBONUS 110%
Speech by bimO "The management of assets through the digital twin in BIM" at the Webinar of Confindustria Emilia: Advanced systems and tools for Facility Management
InternationalSolibri Webinar: Case bimO open innovation - The case of the digitization of a new type of public buildings, Data Centers.
bimO open innovation launches Digital Value Chain
10 Giugno 2019
BIM course at Order of Engineers from Modena
The obligation of BIM has arrived in Italy !!!
bimO takes part in the TEDxwomen at the Florim Gallery in Fiorano Modenese with a corner on digital innovation
bimO open innovation participated in the FIDEC the Italian Building Forum
Launch of the ECMWF European Meteorological Center date: bimO realizes the BIM model
Seminar at the GROHE showroom in Milan "BIM The new frontier of the Design"PROGETTAZIONE"
Seminars ANCE Milan - BIM IN PRACTICE - The management of the construction site
21 Settembre 2018
Introduction to the BIM Cosentino Innovation Academy for the Order of Architects of Brescia with bimO open innovation and bimON
15 Giugno 2018
Inauguration of the WAMGROUP Teknopark destroyed by the 2012 earthquake and entirely re-designed in BIM
28 Giugno 2018
Introduction to the BIM Cosentino Innovation Academy for the Collegio dei Geometri of Milan with bimO open innovation and bimON
26 giugno 2018
Introduction to the BIM Cosentino Innovation Academy with bimO open innovation and bimON Order of Engineers of Verona
#bimO finalist in the "Big Size Building" category at the BIM & DIGITAL Award 2017 of DIGITAL & BIM Italia
Comunicato stampa: nasce bimO
BIM e Terremoto
BIM e LEED: analogie e punti di incontro
bimO open innovation sbarca su LinkedIn
A BIM lesson with Cosentino and bimO open innovation
BIM for industrial sites protagonist in Moscow
Opening of the new headquarters of Wam Italy


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